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How does it work?

Your services or products will contribute to the production costs of #interactive_SK & the promotion of tourism/living in Greece. You will be also supporting SK to establish a public Digital Creative Centre for the audio & visual arts here on Corfu.

How much does it cost?

We understand that times are not the best at the moment so we don't want your money!!! ALL we ask for is a donation of your services or products for our promotional crowdfunding campaign or as a free giveaway to viewers and followers.

What do I get?

A promotional campaign designed just for you by Studio Kerkyra! All product/service contributions will be featured in our Crowdfunding Shop and promoted regularly on our #INTERACTIVE SK livestreams and social media.

Bringing people together through the medium of interactive live-streaming on social media has shown to become very popular over the last few years in promoting tourism, art and culture on the island of Corfu.


With over 500+ hours of interactive livestream content produced on Corfu in the last 6 years we have established a regular viewer/followship of over 3000+ views per livestream, with a reach of 100.000+ per month from more than 40 countries around the world on social media.

The bigger your contribution to our Crowdfunding Campaign the bigger your Promotional Campaign can be.


A mini documentary clip of your business, product placement or even a livestream from your location. The possiblities are endless and we will contact you to discuss your Promotional Campaign before you commit to your contribution to our Crowdfunding Campaign.

* Required / Απαιτείται
Product description and quantity available / Περιγραφή προϊόντος και διαθέσιμη ποσότητα

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